The flagship brand of TYJ, Spring Home includes the world-famous Spring Roll Pastry, Roti Paratha, Dim Sum and other Asian specialities.

Spring Roll Pastry



Spring Roll & Samosa

Glutinous Rice Ball

Dim Sum

Cocktail Prawn Roll

Endorsed by Singapore’s Tasty Singapore Programme, Happy Belly’s line of products include Oriental Wrappers and Oriental Bread range.

Wonton Skin

Gyoza Skin

Hargow Crystal Skin

Peking Duck Wrapper

Oriental Bread

Lotus Leaf Bun

Masterchef crepes come in 3 flavours, providing both a visual and delicious treat for our customers.


Ryushobo ramen offers authentic Japanese and popular Asian flavours.


Meat-free BBQ Bun

Meat-free Glutinous Rice

Meat-free Gyoza

Meat-free Satay

Meat-free Shaomai

Meat-free Spaghetti Bolognese

Meat-free Lasagne

Meat-free Fish Fillets

Meat-free Nuggets

Meat-free Sausage Rolls